Eircom Teleconference

Facts On Eircom Teleconference

Eircom teleconference is a name in itself and which has for long been providing people with effective telecommunication services.

What is teleconference?

Teleconference is one of the modes through which one can communicate with people far and wide. There are actually three modes of teleconferencing.

– video teleconferencing

– computer teleconferencing

– audio teleconferencing

While video teleconferencing is the one which is similar to the television communication where the speaker can be viewed on the screen and can be heard as well computer networking is the one that is done through computer networking system by just typing the message with the keyboard. Audio teleconferencing is a verbal communication that is possible through the telephone channel. In audio teleconferencing the users have an option of typewriting as well as telecopying.

Eircome teleconference History

Eeircom teleconference is one of the most well known names in the field of teleconferencing. The company or the organization providing the service of eircom teleconference is called Eeircom Group plc. It is the biggest telecommunication operator established in the republic of Ireland. The company came into existence in the year 1999 and was monopoly when it was established.

This company was formed in the year 1984 with the initial name as Bord Telecom √Čireann which was established under the government act of 1983, the Posts and Telecommunications Act.

Since then the company has gone through many ups and downs. Nevertheless, the organization has been thoroughly privatized.

Whether you are looking for telecommunication service for home or your office eircom teleconference networking system is the best.

Eircom teleconference service bench

The service bench of the eircom is very wide which includes various online services like

Internet security service

Eircom teleconference has recently joined hands with Norton to provide its broadband users with utmost safe networking. Internet world is filled with those unreliable elements which often offend the system rules and regulation and to save your internet space from such illegal elements like hackers and viruses, eircom has decided to provide a strong protection to its users.

Email marketer

Email Marketer by eircom is the name of a mail manager that efficiently manages the emails. It is a software application program with which you can plan, track the origin/sender and can easily send emails for your email marketing campaign. The software has email templates that can help you format emails right form the initial sending mail format to the final agreement email formats. Nevertheless, the format allows you to personalize the format according to or rather to put straight as per your business specifications.

As a market monopoly the demand for eircom to deal with the demand of wholesale telecommunication products came. Eircom has expanded its product and service line up to provide many of the broadband operators with telecommunication products.

Advantages of teleconferencing

The advantage of employing a system of teleconferencing is that it potentially reduces the communication cost which otherwise would have been a large sum whereas in case the members of the group are far apart the traveling distance can be shortened by employing a teleconference system which can act as platform people to meet.