Define Teleconference

Define Teleconference As An Easy Mode Of Communication

Define teleconference is an article that states the benefits of teleconferencing. It is a method in which two or more people communicate with each other through an electronic device. The person who uses this mode of communication is not required to stay in a place. Each individual come closer to each other via teleconferencing irrespective of their distance. The concept of teleconference was introduced by American and this concept began with telegraph and telephone system and it was introduced through Picturephone device. At that time this advanced technology was not given importance but later on with the spread of business and the cost of traveling to cover the distance of business trip, this technology was looked back upon.

To define teleconference in the present day context, we find that these are of three kinds, one that allows printing and computer conference through the terminals of computer, verbal conversation through telephone and the other is video conferencing. There are places that are far from the communication route of city and teleconferencing through telephone comes as a great help. It is easy for businessmen to define teleconference as they take maximum benefits out of it. There was a time when businessmen traveled a distance and meet with their clients and business partners. This process came as a costlier and time consuming method. But with the spread of teleconference this was chalked out. These days teleconferencing is advanced to such an extent that more than one person can communicate and big deals are settled. Teleconferencing is not limited to the world of business rather it can be used to connect your family and friend. Those who are taking distance education can define teleconference as a great helping tool. Both taught and learners are connected with each other via audio and visual teleconferencing.

Teleconference is of great advantage

When we define teleconference the first thing which comes to our mind is its cost effectiveness. The business deals these days save a lot through the mode of teleconference. Here sitting in different places unknown and known clients of business, both can go for teleconferencing. This method of interaction has given a wider option to people and gives a better for interaction.

To go for better for of business deal is wise to decide on certain things like make a point and decide who is going to be your business moderator. He is the one who arranges a particular time as per each members comfort, prepares an agenda and fixes a topic for discussion. All these members are connected to each other through telephone and he makes sure that there is no confusion among the members during the commencement of discussion.

The conversation done over telephone

He is the one who starts the meeting and allots time for each of its member and the whole process is done with such fineness that no one is left with queries. Here all the conversation done over telephone is recorded and can be used for future reference. There are other options of teleconference that are found to be more advanced as here presentation and visual display is done among members via Internet and other mode of display method.