Big 12 Teleconference

More About Big 12 Teleconference

The term teleconference basically refers to a conference which is held through a network connection or a telephone. The conferences are held for a world wide audience. The conferences are now also conducted via computers owing to the vast technological advancements in the field. The use of computers by individuals allows a user to perform more than one function while teleconferencing. It enables an individual to multi task besides talking. It can be said that the use of computers has given the term teleconferencing a new meaning all together. After the establishment of a teleconference between the users and the group, the entire group can perform various operations like sharing applications. They can also mark themselves up on a white board which is common to the group. The term teleconference also refers to the delivery of events by the use of satellites to various locations and downlink websites which are dispersed geographically. A perfect example of the teleconferencing technology is the big 12 teleconference which is organized by the big 12 group.

The big 12 teleconference is a teleconference in which the top 12 names of any particular sport or game talk to a group of users through out the world. The top 12 names or the big 12 are normally coaches and managers of the most successful teams of a game or sport. The big 12 teleconference that will be held on the 8th of October features some of the most respected football and basketball coaches. The conference starts at 10 a.m. CT. the famous coaches of the league who are participating in the teleconference will answer questions from all sections of the media regarding the sport.

The conference starts

The big 12 teleconference features some of the top names of the league including Bob Stoops from Oklahoma city, Mike Gundy from the Oklahoma State, Mike Leach from Texas Tech, Mack Brown from Texas, Guy Morriss from Baylor, and Gary Pinkel of Missouri amongst others. The conference starts at 10 a.m. and the speakers get 10 minutes each starting from 10 to answer the questions asked by the media.

The big 12 teleconference also features various other names such as Bill Self from Kansas City. Sean Sutton from the Oklahoma State, Mike Anderson from Missouri, Bob Knight from Texas Tech, Mark Turgeon of the famous Texas A&M, Doc Sadler of Nebraska, Frank Martin of Kansas State, and Jeff Capel again from Oklahoma. These famous basketball coaches of the men division are all going to answer any question from any section of the media.

The Internet and exchange applications

It has indeed become easier for groups to engage in conferences via the Internet and exchange applications. The big 12 teleconference involves sporting legends and great coaches of football answering questions to the media during the football league in the United States of America. The coaches answer questions and interact with the media in general through out the league on a fixed date and time. The basketball coaches also talk during the entire length of a particular season.