Audio Teleconference

Audio Teleconference Gives An Easy Way To Communicate


Audio teleconference is a method that supports teleconferencing and is regarded as one of the most important tool that brings distant people together. During the process of telecommunication, mass expression of thoughts and live exchange is made possible among people who resident at distant places with the help of phone connection, here the connection can be established between two or more people. The telecommunication system supports all modes of teleconference via telegraph, radio, television, teletype, computer and telephone connection. Teleconference is also known as teleseminars. The three major type of teleconference are audio, video and computer application.

These days with the advancement of technology many businesses use audio teleconference for supporting their business. There are many companies who consider their customers as their priority and try their best to clear all sorts of queries that help in bring changes within themselves, making them more customers friendly. Here they take the help of audio teleconference in which they provide a telephone number to their customers who can dial to them and clear their query. There are many business set up who avails data to each of their stock holders through audio teleconference. There are many other companies who collect the business news over telephone affecting the stock market.

Audio teleconference is used in many places

Audio teleconference is used in many places. Such as it can be used in both small and big business firms, friends and relatives can be in better touch, students who take up distant education can also get benefit out of it. Here the conversation taking place is done with the help of Phone Bridge and speakerphone. People at both ends are comfortable using telephone as it can be accessed from any part of the world. The conversation over phone is regarded to be cost effective. Here a large number of data are transferred instantly to number of people.

Use of audio teleconference in business

There is another way of audio teleconference that is in rampant use by both business firm and personal use, web conference. This is a method in which data is shared to a number of parties through Internet. This mode of teleconference is used by many companies and here they attach both audio and video service. This enables in conducting audio conferences and help in making a wider form of web conference. This process cover long distances and here all the companies who are interconnected via web conferencing can help in translating maximum information and exchanging thoughts in a better way. In this process both the service providing company and client get satisfied with the presentation of sale and support in promoting the product.

Audio and video teleconference gives a better combination

Audio and video teleconferencing works as a great tool that brings many people together for the purpose of conference, seminar or meeting. Here your presentation is not only supported by your voice but also by face to face to discussion. Video conferencing gives a better platform where the discussion takes places virtually face to face. These videos conferencing is used in many fields such as business centre, health care, educational program, security, and this service even provide play back option that helps in recording the conference.