At T Teleconference

At T Teleconference Is A Modern Technique Of Establishing Contact Via Telephone Service

At t teleconference

At t teleconference provides a number of services that helps in establishing conference in an effective manner. This service reacts quickly corresponding to the market ups and down. The meeting can be conducted irrespective of the place you belong to and the distance can be covered without any hassle. At t teleconference connects as many people as it can and helps in exchanging views. For taking advantage of this service you are not required to make any reservation. The moment to pick this service you are assigned to register yourself to this service and you will be given an assigned a dial-in-number that is toll free and is directly connected. You are even provided with a personal access code number.

Services of at t teleconference

The person who avails this at t teleconference he can commute to this entire participant easily when he plans for a call and exchanging his views over teleconference becomes less time taking. The conference is established any time when the person dials the dial-in-number, date and time, access code that is transferred to each of his participants. The reservation of calling the numbers is not need in this service. This service helps in coming across with a wallet card that is customized that helps in getting the dial-in number at the tip of your finger. This service is provided by at t teleconference by default and this helps in making calls without any reservation and it connects more than fifty participants in one call.

At t teleconference manages you to make call without any reservation and it can be done using Internet. The host of this service can perform the conference using any of the touchtone that can be done over Internet. The additional service provided by this service is monitoring and keeping a control over the whole process of conference. In this teleconference the host is given the opportunity to view the telephone number of each of the participants when dialing the toll free number that is used.

Features of at t teleconference

– This service helps in viewing automatic number identification that in short in known as ANI. This service helps the host to view the number of participants easily when dialing for conference.

– The list of roll call helps the host to know the numbers of each of the participants that are added for conferencing.

– The lock facility of conference helps in prohibiting the entry of other unknown participants to the list of conference.

– Continuation of conference helps in continuing the conference even when the host has left.

– This service provides option of account administration which helps in disabling or enabling a number of account options such as entry and exit options, roll call option, keep a record of names and making the service auto continuous and many more.

Other at t teleconferencing service that is attached with web service

The web service helps in giving the visual dimension to the conversation and this makes the teleconferencing interesting and more effective. The presentation of diagrams, documents and other illustration to each of the member is done with an ease. At t teleconference is an important and indispensable service that helps in bringing business partners and clients closer.