Act Teleconference

Information About ACT Teleconference

The ACT teleconference was established in 1990, and currently it’s operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe. The ACT teleconferencing offers world class conferencing services in the world efficiently. The ACT teleconference offers full range of products and services by developing services and products keeping end user in its mind.

The technology that allows two or more people to make a live talk through a telephone is known as teleconferencing. Even people who are thousands of miles apart can connect via the technology of teleconferencing. These conference calling services allows one to participate in a conference call of work from home or even hold a conference with a number of people at the same time.

Teleconferencing is basically a telephone call held amongst two or more than two people. Teleconference is the mass articulation and live exchange of information between machines and people remote from each other but linked by a system of telecommunication. This link between the two participants is generally made over the phone line as audio conference calls.

Telecommunication that supports

The system of telecommunication that supports the teleconference provides video, data and audio conference service by either one or more than one means. These means can be a telegraph, radio, telephone, television or a teletype. Teleconferences are also known as tele-seminars as the people using the system utilize it to hold conferences, pretty much like seminars.

The simplest form of this technology is the three way calling. It helps one to set up his own call conferencing system, between himself and any two other participants. How so ever, the sound quality of the equipment is not known to be the best and has many limitations. A businessman cannot include numbers of overseas and the systems are limited to certain national and regional locations.

Teleconferencing service

There are various ways in which a teleconferencing service can be utilized. A business person can either purchase his own PBX equipment or can even pay for the use of the telecommunication system through a provider of teleconferencing. A PBX equipment is more advanced and can set up conference calls between more than three people. The ACT teleconference uses state of the art PSTN, IP based and ISDN lines to provide teleconferencing solutions to the clients. The act teleconference uses all of these available platforms to provide audio and video communications in most parts of the world. The act teleconferencing platform also keeps in mind the need of security of the information and content of communication safely and securely. So that vital information can never be leaked out.

The reason why these telecommunication systems were developed was that in the late nineteen seventies, it was found that early afternoons and late mornings had intermittent bouts of production. Teleconferences were designed to quash this danger. They used the relatively cheap long distance calls to connect more participants, who could then be involved in talks with people they were not able to meet.

The ACT teleconference came up as a system that would let people hold a conference via a network of telephones. However, the system has now been upgraded into web conferencing services which allow the participants to hold conferences with each other through the Internet.