Aba Teleconference

More About Aba Teleconference

ABA or American Bar Association is an association of law students and lawyers. Some of the important activities of ABA include setting the benchmark for law academic standards, and preparing of ethical law codes. The bar association consists of 41,000 members. ABA teleconference is a way to stay in touch with all the members. It also allows one to be in touch with all aware of the latest developments in the law field.

The ABA teleconference is held every month on third Wednesday. The teleconferences duration is about 60 minutes. In addition to teleconferences the members of bar association stay in touch with each other through ABA Journal articles.

The internet connection

The facility of ABA teleconference is available at the price of $9.75 at registration time. The amount to be paid by non-members is $ 110. The members can get credit after listening to the ABA teleconference. Anybody with the registration number and the internet connection can listen to the ABA teleconference. Some other things that are required are Windows Media Player and Real Player.

A person who is interested to known about the latest developments in law field can access to the site of American Bar Association. After registering, the toll-free number and Personal Identification Number is provided to a person through e-mail. Also one can get access to the law course, material, evolution of online program and faculty biography.

Online program

It is advisable that one enters his PIN before the ABA teleconference starts so as not to miss any information. After completing the evolution of online program, one will be provided with forms and will be asked to verify the attendance. Once the attendance is verified, a Certificate of Attendance will be delivered with a week time.

The maintenance and creation of ethical code of lawyer standards is the role played by American Bar Association. The moral code of conduct is followed in 49 states and Columbia district. The only exception is California which does not follow ABA model codes though some of the law rules have been influenced by America Bar Association model codes.

America Bar Association aims to be representative of law field in the nation. Besides, it aims to serve the legal profession and public by promoting integrity and justice. In simpler terms it defines the law profession in United States. Some of people who have headed the American Bar Association are,

Dennis W. Archer, 2003-2004

Michael S. Greco of Boston 2005-2006

Sandy D Alemberte 1991-1992

Robert J. Grey 2004-2005

The association is currently being headed by William H. Neukom. The first woman president of the association is Roberta Cooper Ramo, who was elected in 1995. The American Bar Association was established in 1878. The House of Delegates is the main body of America Bar Association, which gives recommendation and adopts policies.

ABA Journal is annual magazine that is published by the bar association. The journal provides magazines and newsletters for its members. The sections are subject-specific; usually the law codes more in use are discussed. The importance of American Bar Association can be ignored as it is the foundation of legal profession in America.